Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where does he get the time?

I swear I was gone for a minute. My beautiful, tranquil landscape that I use for my desktop on my Mac...

Somehow now has this image.

First off,

What inspired him to randomly leave his homework (or what he really should have been doing brushing teeth and getting ready for bed) to come all the way downstairs to my office capture this lovely image, set it as my desktop and leave before I caught him?

Lastly, (and always)
He cracks me up :)


Frau said...

He is the master! Love it!

PS did you get my email?About the mask? Is that okay?

Pink Martini said...

Ah, to be able to push mom's buttons. What a cutie pie. :) xoxo

thepreppyprincess said...

He is too funny, talk about a creative prankster! He is too cute, what a fun 'gotcha'' on Mom. :)