Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surgery today.

My girl had her ACL repaired today at The New York Hospital for Special Surgery. We are very lucky to live by some of the best hospitals in the nation, The Hospital of Special Surgery is no exception.

We made sure she had one of the top surgeons in the country as well.
His name is Dr. David Altchek. We met Dr. Altchek years ago when my older son had a shoulder injury, luckily surgery was not needed. Dr. Altchek operates on many famous athletes as well as a blogger or two. ( Mel from May/December)

So we were aware of him but had no idea that he was a knee specialist. We met with a few surgeons and he was the one that the three of us chose unanimously.
read about him HERE, he's famous :)

Anyway, it was a long day and my girl is now home with an ice machine and pages of instructions regarding pain management, rehab, bathing,... you name it.
She wouldn't let me take any pics in the hospital, but you may see a photo or two in the next few days as we will have plenty of togetherness.

Funny little story- As she came out of anesthesia she was a little out of it and kept remarking, ad nauseum, that the hospital seemed right out of her favorite show, Grey's Anatomy. And then she repeatedly told anyone who went by or spoke to her that they looked like they were right out of Grey's Anatomy.
It got worse.
Then she groggily kept repeating that her legs felt paralyzed like the kid from Friday Night Lights. Which then prompted her to tell anyone who would listen the storyline of that particular episode...
Maybe TV should be limited during her convalescence.


OHN said...

Ha..poor girl. I would actually get sick if I thought McSteamy would tend to my every need.

Yay for excellent surgeons. When BigD had his lung booger, the surgeon was the same guy that is on call for the President. It is comforting to know that the docs you pick are good at what they do!!

I hope she heals fast. FORCE her to do her rehab. She may not want to. Stubborn kids.

(the word verif for today is spong. Sounds like what happened to her knee. :)

Suzy said...

That hospital is one of the top ones in the country.

The knee is a BITCH to recuperate from. I should talk because I hated all the rehabs I did for my other surgeries but I think I'm paying for it now. Ugh.

Susan said...

Not knee surgery.......! Not fun, but welcome to the world of sports and injury. How long is the recoop time? Might be just in time for practice in the Spring or Summer. Hope everything heals well and properly, but it sounds like you had the best doc on the job.
Well wishes to Lil' Prep Player.

Ina in Alaska said...

What a handsome Grey's Anatomy-looking surgeon! I hope your lovely daughter heals up quickly... the young people are fast healers. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh absolutely sounds like what I am like under anesthesia! Good to know this Drs name in the event my knees don't miraculously cure themselves.

Torch Lake Prep said...

Hope she's feeling better soon. Lots of love to the caregiver too, it's not easy....

Beth A. said...

After Jeffs knee surgury the doctor gave him a script for a mountain bike, I held my hand out for my prescription too. He looked confused. I informed him that as Jeff's nurse I should get a script to Nordstrom. He did not aggree. Hope she improves quickly. If Jeff did not have the blood clot too, he would have improved faster. Now he is great.
good luck to all. Happy Nursing.

Ronda said...

OOOH, poor girl! I hope she will heal really fast! I just know you will spoil her while she is home healing. You are funny the way you described her mumbles. I've been known to do this every now and again! (j.k.)
I agree, one handsome Dr. she had. And yes, tell her how important rehab is! Good luck!

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh Miss Player, her knee - eek! From everything you've ever written about her, we are guessing she will work hard at the rehab, she is a pretty determined young lady, but It is hard.

And a hug to you, I know it is a major stressor for The Mom.

Joyce said...

I'm glad she is home and recovering. She did make me smile with her comparison to tv. LOL... xo

Paula said...

I hope her recovery is quick. I can't even imagine would I might say coming out of anesthesia.

Susan said...

Wasn't last Christmas Holiday "tonsil" surgery? Poor kid!

preppyplayer said...

OHn- It is a comfort.

Suzy- so right.

Susan- 6months, thanks for the support :)

Ina- you are right, ah! The young!

My Flip- I agree, I don't want to know what I would be babbling about!

Torch- Thanks, so far so good.

Beth- Thanks, she is a good patient... so far.

Ronda- I like the way you describe that- the mumbles!

Preppy Princess- thanks, just glad we can take care of her and that she didn't have to go back to school yet.

Joyce- made me smaile too :)

Paula- Thanks, yeah I hope it is quick too. I know I couldn't give up my activities for long.

Susan- You're right! Christmas break has not been fun for her these last few years.

Yvette said...

Poor thing....her "recognizing" tv characters is pretty funny though.

I hope she has a full recovery.

Somer Love said...

I hope she is on the mend! I hope you were videoing her and all her Greys glory :)

Caffeine Court said...

My Dad had a double knee replacement at the Hospital for Special Surgery. They ARE the best.

Sounds like your daughter is hilarious!