Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where in the world?

     I remember, while in college, being asked, "So, where are you from?"  It was a hard question to answer. I was going to school in Florida, (hardly anyone was actually, originally from that state!)  My parents and three sisters had just moved to Indiana as my Dad was transferred with his job. My other sister was living in New Jersey and going to college there. So, this is what I would say:
I was born in Seattle. My parents were born there too. Both sets of grandparents had moved there in the 1930's for opportunities. My mother is one of eight and my dad is one of four, so all those aunts, uncles, and 28 cousins still live in western states.
 My dad was transferred to New York when I was in 5th grade. That was tough. We left all that family and moved across the country before the days of casual plane trips. This was also before the days of media influence. By that I mean,  kids/teens did not dress the same all over the country like they do now (uggs, abercrombie, messy buns,) So, let's just say... I was wearing bell bottoms and maxi dresses and everyone, I mean everyone in New Jersey was wearing straight legged jeans and mini skirts! I stuck out like a sore thumb. My accent was also a dead give away. 
    Before long it seemed as though we had always lived in NJ. I went off to college in Florida and then my Dad was transferred, in three years, to Indiana, then Michigan, Pennsylvania, and finally to Utah where they have lived for 27 years. My three sisters went to four different high schools! But they definitely think of themselves as Utahans. My other sister and I stayed in NJ.  We are certainly east coast, but I feel like a northwest girl and my heart will always have a place in Utah. So needless to say, just like in college, I am conflicted. 


Ina J Offret said...

Enjoyable post! I was born, raised and my heart is still in Jersey (Down the Shore) where ALL of my family is. I love the Atlantic Ocean and NYC and go back several times each year. Also enjoy my Seattle getaways--what a wonderful city.

Mom on the Run said...

I've lived in the South for almost 25 years, but I still have to qualify it by saying "but I'm FROM Nebraska!"

I'm sort of a Midwest/Southern hybrid, I guess.