Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CURLY hair

   This cute little girl, with the full head of beautiful curly hair, is my niece. I LOVE her hair. I think it makes her unique and special. Everyone always remarks on how beautiful it is. 
Now here is the irony, 
I have the EXACT same hair! 
   And of course, I have always hated it. It didn't help growing up during the Brady Bunch years when everyone aspired to have stick, straight, Jan Brady hair.
 And it didn't help that I had four sisters with straight hair. Worst of all, my Mom actually gave me a pixie cut (some people will remember what that is )  and as soon as I hit humidity I had a pixie afro- not a pretty picture.
     These days I am mostly self accepting. I do have it blown out occasionally and feel pretty good when I do, but for the most part I let my hair stay curly. When I think back to my teenage years and the angst I had regarding my hair, how the weather dictated my moods depending on how it would affect my hair... well it seems so silly, now.
    I hope my little niece continues to get the positive feedback regarding her hair and that she feels good about what God has given her... Although I know there will always be teenage angst regarding something!


Ina J Offret said...

Your niece's hair is adorable! Mine is stick straight! But people enjoy my purple streaks... Thanks for a fun post.

Mom on the Run said...

Curly here, too. It rained every important day in my life!

The hair products are so much better now and the curling irons and straighteners are so much hotter that it's easier to go from one to the other.

preppyplayer said...

You are right, there are definitely better hair options these days. When I think back to orange juice cans or curlfree chemical conditioner... wow.