Monday, October 27, 2008

NYC Monday

First, I hope these tips are helpful. Second, I hope you let me know if they are:)
Anyway, this week I have some really helpful info.
This is how I score great tickets at great prices and I must let you know that my second son has done an internship for a big NYC ticket broker the last two summers... and they do this too.
Go to It is amazing.  The pictures above are of my daughter, niece, and stars from Hairspray. I was able to get the tickets the night before, fifth row, for $60. EACH!
My son and I saw Mary Poppins, seventh row center, for the same price ($60) with tickets purchased a few days before.
And, another tip. If the weather permits, go to the stage door of the theater. The stars come out and sign autographs, take pics and socialize. Not all do this, but a good many do. My niece, who was visiting from Utah, was thrilled.
By the way, Ashley Parker Angel and Aubrey O'Day were awesome to the girls. Props to them!

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Ina J Offret said...

I have added to my Favorites. Great tip! Thanks!