Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or treat?

Most of us have grown up trick or treating- knocking on a door, it opens and we all yell, 
Until my parents and sisters moved to Utah I thought that was what everyone did.  I was wrong. I found out that in more rural parts of Utah, families would gather at their local ward (church) parking lot, open the trunks of their Halloween decorated cars/trucks and go from vehicle to vehicle trunk or treating. Now, I thought this was a Utah/Mormon thing. Nope. Apparently this happens in different regions of our country, mostly rural. All for different reasons. Some for pure logistics, lots of ground for kids to cover going from  one 100 acre farm to another, trunk or treating makes it easier! Others have adopted the practice for safety reasons, offering a more controlled trunk or treating environment.
Do they do this in your area?


Mom on the Run said...

Our church does it (lots of churches do, actually) but usually it's the Sunday afternoon before Halloween and we still do trick or treating.

It's just one more activity, not in place of trick or treating.

Ina J Offret said...

Yup. Happens right here in chilly Anchorage Alaska! I think it is safe for the children.