Tuesday, October 7, 2008


      This is my daughter and she is a freshman in high school. So far, she is an easy child to raise. It may help that she is the fourth out of five children- a true team player. She does everything well and with enthusiasm. A good student, athlete and girl. My husband and I like all her friends. She asks permission for anything she wants to do. she doesn't ask for material things, preferring to work and pay for things herself. Remember, this is my fourth child. I am not an innocent. I know what teenagers are capable of, trust me- I've been tested by my older sons!
I just want to celebrate this lovely girl who hasn't given me a bit of trouble. I do appreciate it.


suburban prep said...

She is a stunning young woman and a tribute to you and your husband for how she is turning out.

preppyplayer said...

Thanks SP!
I wish we could take credit, but I think she came out that way! Thank you for your kind words though, and for visiting.

Paula said...

She is a beautiful girl!

preppyplayer said...

Thank you Paula!