Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Visiting NYC? Nolita

My new  favorite NYC neighborhood for shopping?
Nolita! ( North of little Italy)
After brunch last weekend we left the Bowery walking northwest and came upon the most charming of neighborhoods. I'm not sure if the price of clothes in the little boutiques that dotted the neighborhood were so reasonable because of the proximity to Orchard and Hester Streets, ( the old garment manufacturing district) or because there are so many that they have to be competitive...
All I know is I picked up two darling, unique frocks for my daughter at $30 each!!!!
check out this neighborhood if you get a chance.


Frau said...

Must do on next visit!

Jessicas Follie said...

I have 3 sons and 1 daughter who is 9. She recently requested that just the 2 of us take a trip to NYC. I've no idea where she came up with this plan but I am super happy to grant her wish. Her only real request is that we see Wicked. Any tips for me? Places that we must not miss?

Many Thanks!!

preppyplayer said...

Frau-you bet!

Jessica- Hi! When my daughters were nine their favorite itinerary was: The little zoo at Central park, FAO schwartz, Serendipity for ice cream and celebrity sightings, dylan's candy Bar for...candy!
Also she would most likely love the museum of Natural history thanks to the movie, Night at the museum!
The best part is that all these places are uptown in the same general area.
OH! See if you can go to the broadway show Mary Poppins ( discount tickets available on www.broadwaybox.com) if you can't get tickets for Wicked of course.
let me know how it goes :)

OHN said...

Check. On my list for the next NYC trip :)