Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tis the season!

My business has certain slow periods.
August to the beginning of September
January to the beginning of March

At the beginning of August I am grateful for the slowdown,
After months of events, tournaments and street fairs it is good to have the time off.

But invariably, by late August I start to get anxious- even as  holiday contracts start to arrive and I know I am set for Nov. and Dec.  
So I start canvassing for gigs and worrying about September and October. And although that is a busy time for my web business and our personal life- as in the kid's games, autumn parties and BBQs,
 I ALWAYS think I NEED to be working.

Only, this is what happens, every time.
Out of the blue the phone calls come in, new contracts arrive, new requests. All of a sudden I am booked solidly for all of September and October!
Now I have a different kind of stress.  As in, 
The silly part is... this is what ALWAYS happens.
I could do without the  August worry of economic failure and would rather deal with the stress of having TOO much work. 
That, I can figure out.


Frau said...

Good I hope everything works out and that = new lamp post!

OHN said...

I had to chuckle...why is it that we do this to ourselves?? I worry about feast and famine then famine then's a never ending cycle THAT KEEPS US YOUNG--haha.

Kate said...

I hope everything goes smoothly!

I have that big Scout box/bag :)

Susan said...

Your the "Master Multi Tasker"... if anyone can do it, you can... hopefully with little price to pay, which is STRESS! It's OK to say "no"... and then tell me how!

Ina in Alaska said...

I felt like you were super busy. I thought of you on Saturday Sept 19 when my sis, bro-in-law and I went to the Seafood Festival in Pt. Pleasant. entire blocks full of amazing seafood and vendors. Your stuff would have been a refreshing change from the stuff I saw there. I LOVED the seafood vendors from the Pt Pleasant boardwalk restaurants. I enjoyed a delish lobster roll, .... and Zeppoles!!!! warm and powdered sugary! there was even a street blocked off with NJ wine vendors! xoxo