Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ski season soon...

                                                          Becky and I at Alta, Utah

Time for the Ski Season checklist:
I know I'm pushing it and I am not trying to rush fall, my favorite season, but I am here to tell you that it's time to get ready.

Start thinking about any trips you might want to take and book now. This is the time of year you are guaranteed to secure flights, hotels, and condos- you can always cancel.

Bring your skis in to be tuned and waxed.
Inspect ALL equipment and make sure it is up to par.
Do you or your family need new ski clothes? This is the best time to buy as all the newest and best goes early. Put it away and give as gifts at Christmas.
If you live near a hill or resort, buy season pass now- there are usually early bird discounts.

This is the year to finally buy a helmet, if you don't already have one.
Be a good example for your kids, wear a helmet. Helmets are warm and protect you from errant snowboards careening down the hill or poles falling from chairlifts.

Some of you may remember that I teach skiing at a tiny hill in NJ. I also spend quite a bit of time skiing in Utah where my family lives, two extremes. In both places I've seen helmets save lives.
Enough lecturing :) Any questions regarding skiing send them my way- I love to share!


Beth Adamson said...

Great advise Patty. We already bought all our season passes in August. It is best to buy early. Looking forward to skiing with you guys this year when you come out. Love to all,

Frau said...

We always wear helmets, I agree it does save lives. I can't believe you are rushing fall...probably already doing squats and lunges too! Damn girl slow down!

OHN said...

This post brought back great memories.

Growing up I lived 30 minutes from Peek and Peak in southwestern NY. We could go after school and ski for a couple hours and still make it home in time to attempt finishing homework.

My best memories of teenagedom is skiing. (Sadly BigD has never skied so my days just about ended when we got married :(

Paula said...

Helmets are the one piece of equipment that we don't have. This will be the year! I hope we get to go on a ski trip, but it is looking doubtful. VA skiing is not so great.

preppyplayer said...

Beth, I have to call you!
Frau- I am trying not to rush it :)
Ohn- It is a perfect teenage activity, healthy too.
Paula- I know, we can't swing a trip every year, but this year it looks like we are going to Utah.

kw said...

:( That picture made me homesick...or skisick I guess!

Ronda said...

You are good. I'm not ready, but I know my boys are!