Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trend alert!!!

Old school baby!
Yes, desert boots are back.

Picture this,
Clarks sand colored desert boots, old washed out jeans, belt, beige cashmere v-neck tucked in with a crisp, white Hanes t-shirt underneath....
Add your favorite cologne.
What do you have?
My favorite outfit on any man of any age. He'll smell good too.
Remember, DESERT BOOTS- you heard it here.


Pink Martini said...

Are you too young to remember Wallawbies?

Suburban Princess said...

I miss desert boots :O( I did see someone wearing them not long ago - but unfortunately she was wearing them the way so many of us did back in 1993! (big hair, cinched jacket, thermal type leggings etc) Yikes!

College Prepster said...

I love my desert boots! And, Pink Martini... wallabies are very popular now, at least with college kids!

Caffeine Court said...

So...I've been thinking about getting a pair! Should I? Please me at my blog or e-mail me: