Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sophie's Choice...

OK, it isn't that drastic!
But, I must choose between two of my children nonetheless.
The Saboteur has a game ( first school game of his career) at 4:15 at home and his older sis ( JV) has a game at 4:15 about 20 minutes away....

No-brainer. Home field always wins!! ( Unless it is county or state playoffs, then they trump)

In regard to friends and parties,
 During the holidays we are often double or triple booked for parties ( we aren't THAT popular, just seems like everyone picks the same night!) 
We use to try to attend all as we hated to say no ( when you're  not THAT popular you can't afford to say no)
Invariably someone was always upset with us, for leaving early or coming late. 
Eventually we decided that first invite wins. 
Not always easy and I can't say there haven't been exceptions

Do you have to make these type decisions
And how do your children or friends take it?


Jessicas Follie said...

The sports rule in our family is that the youngest picks who comes - mom or dad. Unless it is football, mom is always at that one because of the injuries that I won't let myself miss "in case" they happen. Or, if there are 2 big kid games, we are allowed to skip if the player realizes that their game will either not be a good one (like they are playing a team with a 0-5 record) or if it is their second game of the day. If they are of equal entertainment or only one parent is available- youngest kid gets the parent.

Havn't had that home court rule- though it is a good one.

Actually it's pretty funny that we even have rules.

Suburban Princess said...

I always accept the first invite and turn down the rest. Usually tho we are all pretty co-ordinated enough to not have our parties on the same nights :O)

OHN said...

We always use/used the split parenting technique. Dad usually goes to the away stuff and I have the home field advantage.

The times that really killed me were when I was working that horrid job that wasn't flexible and had to miss things entirely. I HATED THAT!

As for parties, we always tell people we will try to come, but that we already had an invite. They know we aren't ditching them and they respect that we stand firm to previous commitments. (though I won't lie, we are a couple of homebody fuddy duddy's and at times have wanted to skip going out entirely when it is cold etc;)

pve design said...

I for one have never accomplished being in two places at once...but it is all about choice. The holidays can pose a challenge as well as choices.

Ina in Alaska said...

Thankfully in Alaska everyone is pretty easy going about people coming and going at parties, most of which are open house formats anyway. If we got invited to a dinner party, then a couple of open houses, the dinner party always wins!!

Thankfully, PT 2, we have no kids at home so that situation is not part of our life! xoxo

Beth Dunn said...

I so hear you. We never have anything to do---can you so unpopular. But when it rains it pours. We have been known to go to 3 parties in one night xoxo