Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great tennis today! US OPEN

US OPEN- Maria Sharapova and Melanie Oudin

I like going to the US Open if we have great seats or are in a box with bathroom, food, and drinks.
Sorry, I like it VIP style!  

So, today I am watching the Open at home on the big screen and I am loving it. Not only is the tennis great, (I should say not only is Melanie Oudin great), but I am totally distracted by their fashion.

I LOVE Sharapova's dress! Young, fresh, sporty, flattering and  appropriate. let's face it, whatever she wears looks good...until I try it on :)
Although I think that Oudin's top and tennis skirt are better left on the practice court, I am really loving her shoes. The media are calling them "odd" and "different" I think they are refreshing and PERFECT for the seventeen year-old girl that she is.

As of the third set they appeared evenly matched, however I predict the young Oudin will walk away with the win.
 Sharapova's game is rife with errors and her body language and demeanor tell me she will lose this match... 
Yikes! 21 double faults as of the third set! Is that some kind of record?
Our American- Melanie Oudin won!!!!

I will post the pics of the Sharapova's dress and Oudin's shoes as soon as they become available.


kw said...

We just got done watching that here! It was pretty intense! :)

Suburban Princess said...

I love the US Open! Well, any tennis at all!

Frau said...

OMG that was a great match! I love watching the US Open. There as been some exciting matches.

Paula said...

Darn! I missed the match. I'll be sure to look for the dress and shoes.

Lisa said...

Congratulations to Melanie, I can't believe she won.