Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last ever first day of school pics!

The only other mother? The playground aide.
For 22 years I have taken first day of school pics, the traditional on the front lawn and then the group shots on the playground or outside the school.

Little by little I was told, 'no more."  My oldest was in 6th grade and begged me not to step foot on school property, 
( I think it was because I was pregnant and had a toddler in hand making it obvious to all his friends that his parents had sex ) 
I listened to him because I had a 2nd grader at the other school, Buh By....

My girls were fine with me taking pictures by 6th grade but at that point I had a little guy up at the other school. And, you know  about my photo saboteur-even at a young age there was never enough pictures to pose for.

Times have not changed. As we were crossing the street, I realized, Wow, he is going into 7th... maybe I shouldn't be here. So I asked him if he minded if I still take pics on the playground. He said, "no worries Mom, Mrs. Treimanis will be there (mother of triplets) and some of the new kids moms will probably be there."

Well, I was uncomfortable. 
I was the only mom!
 I looked like that pathetic, older mother whose last baby is in 7th grade and who is refusing to let him go/grow up! I was really self conscious, which is not like me.

But, my son?
Didn't bother him a bit. In fact he kept calling me over to make sure I got this friend or that friend in a photo. I hope I'm like him when I grow up because as of now I am sure I will not be the ONLY mom on the playground next year. AWKWARD!


Rickrack and Pompoms said...

I think those are great pictures, 10 years from now you won't care that you felt awkward. Sweet memories

Joyce said...

I like the photos of him and his friends. My mom took our picture every school year too. We begged, cried and screamed but I'm glad she did. Who knows Patty maybe you have set the trend for next year and there will be more moms. That is so sweet of your son to want to be part of his first day. xoxo

kw said...

That is so Kevin :) I love it! I swear he looks taller already!

preppyplayer said...

Rickrack- you are so right.
Joyce- he cracks me up, not a self concious bone in his body!
kate- You are right! Hopefully, we will see you in April, seems like that might be the plan.

the Preppy Princess said...

Aw, what a wonderful tradition! But we can just hear the 6th grader's protests, that is classic 6th grade!

Thanks for sharing these, they are cute!

Frau said...

Great pictures he is actually smiling and not sabotaging them! What gives?

OHN said...

Lucky lucky mom. It is awesome that he was so cool about it.

I was able to weezle in my annual "picture by the rock" and told S3 that he can expect it to continue till he leaves for college like his brothers.

He just asked me to hurry so nobody on the bus would see--haha.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Lucky you - my 13 year old daughter is HORRIFIED by me no matter what I do. Today I picked her up from volleyball and the front passenger seat was full of my stuff so she had to (gasp) get in the back seat. She fussed at me because "this is so embarrassing Mom, I know all my friends are watching me get in the back seat like a little kid"...

Everyday it is something new. Sigh.