Sunday, July 5, 2009

What will YOUR list say about you?

This is fun and revealing at the same time:
List 10 stores and 1 car dealership that give a clue to your personal style.
The challenge?
5 apparel stores
5 non-apparel stores
Here is mine:
  1. J.Crew
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Sports Authority
  4. Ski Barn
  5. Gap
  1. Whole Foods
  2. Trader Joes
  3. Staples
  4. William Sonoma
  5. The Container Store
  1. Saab
So, What does this say about me?
I'm a classic, sporty kind of gal. I like to cook and I try to be organized.
But you knew that.
Try it yourself!


Joyce said...

Very cute!! I love the list. xoxo

OHN said...

ohhhhh...nooooo....I cannot do this. Everyone would discover that I am only a few steps away from trailer trash :)

preppyplayer said...

Joyce- thanks!
OHN- too funny :)