Monday, July 13, 2009

Approach Clothing

Who is this guy?
This is Chris of Approach Clothing, a vendor at all the tournaments we sell at...
We can't escape him.
He and his partner, Jay, ( business partner. Joey is his life partner and she is a woman) have an awesome sports apparel company.  They have a web site and sell at many sports events:
crew regattas, lacrosse tournaments, volleyball tournaments and track meets.
They are great neighbors to have at any tournament and we consider them friends.
They are on top of the latest sport trends. They will be the go-to guys for Adrenaline Socks!
So if you want to take a peek at their clothing go to
And if you should ever meet Chris?  Remind him that he featured in a post on my blog.


Joyce said...

It is good to always have nice neighbors. If he brings the crowd better yet. Hugs my friend! xoxo

Ronda said...

Hi Patty! Thanks, but it's not my b-day yet. It is the 21st, so I still have a few days until I join the club! You'll be getting the same award real soon! Have a great week!!

Pink Martini said...

Whaaaat? You coming up to the big one too? Oh definitely we are spreading the award wealth your way. I'll let Ronda do the honors. Anything special planned?