Monday, July 13, 2009

Lax for the cure- Susan G. Komen

What an amazing weekend.
Not only was I a vendor at this tournament, Lax for the Cure- to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the cure Foundation in New Egypt, NJ , my daughter was also a player there.

This was the second year that we have participated, along with 3,200 girl lacrosse players! 
last year $50,000. was raised. Before the tournament started teams had already raised a whopping  $139,000. I am certain that more money was raised during the tournament as well and I can't wait to hear how much.

 I doubt that there was one club or team at the tournament that hasn't been touched by breast cancer. 
Because of that, the spirit and excitement at this tournament was really unique. Many teams wore pink or Incorporated pink into their uniforms. The Susan G. Komen Foundation had a huge tent with giveaways, ( the girls LOVE that) and raffles. Their main function was education and they had tons of volunteers there to help with that, making everything fun and informative.

 I really can't think of a better audience to educate than  eleven to eighteen year-old girl athletes. They rely on their bodies to perform, they deal with injuries or see their teammates deal with them. Many of them know about doctors and surgeries. It isn't just "stuff" that happens to other people. So, I think they are open and very impressionable in regard to any information that can keep them free of injury or disease.
It was truly a special weekend and many thanks to organisers, Charlie and Jessica Shoulberg, they did a phenomenal job!


OHN said...

I always marvel at the fact that when women put their efforts toward something, there is no stopping us. (No offense to the men, we women just rock;)

3,200 girls in one area. Whew. That's a lot of ponytails :)

It sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Ina in Alaska said...

It cannot be stressed strongly enough how important a yearly mammogram is!! Breast cancer stole the life of Ron's late wife, the mother of all 5 of the children I have had the honor to raise. It was so unfair and she never got to see her beautiful children grow up to be the amazing adults and parents they have become. Each year we do the Alaska Run for Women (breast cancer fundraiser) in her memory.

Great cause and great message!! Many hugs to you and all you lovely commenters!! xoxo

kw said...

Glad you had a good time! That seems like a wonderful fundraising event and that's great that so much was donated! :)

Pink Martini said...

Wow! Glad it was so good for everyone. I left you a little something on my award today. have a good day.

preppyplayer said...

Ohn- It was a lot of ponytails, lol!

Ina- Back at you!
KW- you're right! Are you having so much fun with your visitors? I am jealous.

Pink-I'm heading over, I love awards!

Caffeine Court said...

Amazing! Such a worthy cause.

Early detection is so important and it's never to young to learn about staying healthy.

Thanks for sharing.

the Preppy Princess said...

Good for you Miss Preppy, and to everyone involved, including your daughter, it sounds like such a fabulous event! You all raised a lot of money!


Paula Fowler said...

How cool is that! LAX rocks. We've got a girls LAX team here at QU and they are a special group of gals. Please give you daughter a thank you hug from me!