Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Book Thief

This was our Book Club's selection, last month.
I am finally getting to it. Seems good so far.
Have you read it?
If so, What do you think?


Frau said...

Craig read it and really liked it I tried and made it half way and couldn't get into it. Sorry not much help!Did you buy it yet? I can bring mine if not let me know.

Ina in Alaska said...

Never heard of this book. Am reading One Fifth Ave by Candace Bushnell. She reminds me of a modern day Jacqueline Susanne. (Valley of the Dolls)

JGIWC said...

It's on my bookshelf. How was it?

preppyplayer said...

The Book Thief is very unique story of the Holocaust.
#1 the narrator is "Death" and #2 it is primarily about a non jew. Somehow it all works. It does take a couple of chapters to get hooked though.
I was pleasantly surprised as i didn't know what to expect.
Love your blog by the way :)