Sunday, July 19, 2009

Katydids and Cicadas

Are Katydids part of your Summer symphony?
They are a big part of ours. At least in the evening as they are nocturnal.
Cicadas make a lot of noise during the day.
 In some areas they are so loud that they mimic car alarms and can be quite deafening,
Listen here

What are your sounds of summer?


OHN said...

They are like a slow form of torture :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Right now as I type this it is raining outside my window and hubby is sound asleep and snoring, I might add..... (it is nighttime). So those are my current sounds. I miss the sounds of the evening crickets at the Jersey Shore. Today I almost went out looking for those Fit Flops since I did a whole lot of housecleaning on Saturday and they would have been great for my leg aches as I went up and down stairs, etc.

Joyce said...

Our sound is hearing the music across the lake from the restaurants and something creaking in the trees. xoxo