Monday, July 27, 2009

Padel Tennis again.

Yup, Padel.
Padel covers in amazing liberty prints available Here

 I am so interested in wholesaling my paddle/padel products in Spain. I also rep for some gals that sell padel apparel. We want to, need to sell in Spain. Especially Barcelona and Madrid.
Does anyone have any suggestions how we might market ourselves there?


Pink Martini said...

I think an extensive business trip is needed for you to survey the market, don't you? ;)

OHN said...

I agree with P Martini....the only way to scope out the competition and get a feel for the land is to do detailed ON SITE research.

(Does that sound professional enough for a legit tax deductible trip?)

Anonymous said...

We are planning on going there in Sept, so come with us ! Mary

Anonymous said...

yup an extensive trip and you can take me because i can be your grandma's family is from barcelona- so technically I'm a local. :)

hey i started the bee pollen yesterday and felt jittery- but don't know if it was stress, red bull or combination. did that happen to you?