Monday, May 18, 2009

Woman's Lacrosse recruiting 101

Woman's College Lacrosse.  
As a mother, I have been down this road before AND am about to go down it again-
I thought I would share some tips along the way.
1. E- mail all coaches of college you are interested in or MIGHT be interested in.
   a. introduce yourself.
   b. give your lacrosse history- years played, awards, clubs, tournaments played.
   c. give academic history- grades, clubs,  psat scores ( if you have)
   d. tournaments you are playing in this summer- important- give name of club, your jersey 
       number, and position. Make it as easy as possible for coaches to find you.
   e. camps- let them know what camps you are attending or ask which camps they will be at.

This is the way to begin the process. Each week I will add more as we actually go through it too!    


t.t. millers said...

these are great tips, thank you. Zach is going into 9th grade next year and I will start to keep these records. He is going to camp this summer too.

Frau said...

Great tips!!

OHN said...

Thank you! It will be much easier if I start writing this stuff down NOW rather than trying to remember all of it later, especially since I am aging rapidly :)

Joyce said...

These are wonderful tips and sounds like someone behind this great tips knows... xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Thanks all, I will post thru out the recruiting process!

Anonymous said...

These are brill tips I will need to memorise and scrub out Lacrosse and write rugby or cricket on for Caspar when we start sending his applications off for the common entrance to public school - no joke -AB was a really gifted sportsman and there is no way out for the poor boy hahaha, even at 3 he is being taught how to bowl. Keep such tips coming!! I am all about planning ahead !!