Monday, May 4, 2009

Back in the saddle!

Seriously, I am spent, I've hit the wall.
Between the 50th anniversary party and five days at the horse show I feel numb, no energy.
I think the answer is to have a few catch up days. You know, light errands.
Anything else, that may require planning, cognitive thinking, or brain power... will have to wait.

But I know that in a day or two I will be back in the saddle ready to roll. I will be back to regular blogging as that is not a chore :)


Torch Lake Prep said...

I'm not a rider, but boy is that a beautiful saddle.

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss Player, I hope you have been able to rest and recuperate a little bit...? It sounds exhausting. Did you end up with the pup?

Expiring mind dying to know,

Ronda said...

Welcome back, I hope you had a good time and it was a success. Now, try to relax, even if for a few hours.

Pink Martini said...

Sounds like you had great success! :)

Frau said...

It will be nice to have you back! Relax and rest! See ya!

Joyce said...

I hope you are all rested up and ready to get on that beautiful saddle. xoxo