Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready for summer?

It seems weird that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Hasn't it always been the last weekend in May? 

Either way, I am happy that the official beginning of summer, Memorial Day, is upon us.
Here are some reasons:
1. I can wear white without feeling like a rule breaker!

2. I love Memorial Day parades,  I cry every time I watch one.

3. Only day it is patriotically acceptable to go to our firehouse at 11 am to eat hot dogs and drink beer. ( town tradition at parade's end.)

4. Wear that flag belt, shirt, flip flops, and hat without feeling silly.

5. See all the old folks in town and catch up.

6. Most importantly, to remember and appreciate those that have fought and died for our    freedom.  And, to pray for the return of those who now serve.


Ina in Alaska said...

Well said, dear Preppy!! Love the butterfly! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all the fun!! Many hugs from your friend in Alaska xoxoxo

Mrs. K said...

call me a rebel. I live in Florida- I wear white all year 'round!


Pink Martini said...

#6. Amen.

Reenie said...

I'm so excited to finally (legally) drink that beer at the firehouse!

preppyplayer said...

Ina, Thank you and hugs right back :)

Mrs. K- I think you are a rebel, in a good way!


Reenie, I can't believe it! This will be fun :)

Frau said...

Like Mrs. K people wear white year round here so but it's not sunny FL.
Also agree with #6 amen to that.
Happy Memorial Day!

Joyce said...

Summer begins... I too get emotional when I see our town parade. To watch the men and women that have fought for my freedom to be able to watch them march. As Ina said beautifully written. Many hugs.... xoxo

Ronda said...

Perfectly said. I think the rule of not wearing white went out a couple of years ago. I agree with you though, it just doesn't feel right! Have a wonderful weekend!