Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ladies' Day Tennis

I am on my way to my tennis club, 
it's ladies' day!
Shouldn't every day be ladies' day?

I remember when it would be Mother's day and my kids would say, " Why isn't there a Kid's day?"
I would say, "EVERY DAY IS KID"S DAY!"

So today, I'm heading over for some tennis, lunch and fun.


Frau said...

Enjoy Ladies day you need the fun after last weekend horse show!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I need to get some tennis in this weekend. I haven't played in weeks.

Have fun at tennis! I love when the clubs do fun things like this.

Ronda said...

Have a great time. Happy Ladies Day!

Ina in Alaska said...

HELLOOOOO PREPPY!! I think EVERY DAY is Ladies' Day!!! At least for me it is!!! Enjoy a great day of tennis and fun with your gal pals!!! :)

Anonymous said...

that sounds like fun...during our tennis season which runs from Sept through April our game day is followed by a sit down lunch- I already miss it :)

Joyce said...

My mom use to say the same thing to us growing up!!! I hope you had a nice day. xoxo

megan said...

Hi! So fun today and scary too! Bummed we didn't get to play together! Better off though! Madalyn did great for 2 hours watching! Lunch was tasty! Brian is at Men's night and its 11:30 and still not back yet! he must be enjoying himself! Mary:)