Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scout bag of the week!

Petallica-Green four boys bag!

This is a new design for Scout and I love it. It is evocative of the new Lily designs.
Fresh and fun!
Price- $40, $5 to ship     Total- $45


pve design said...

love this bag, I have a market bag which I keep in my car and load up my groceries in, that it my effort to not have plastic bags - I found it from two's company.
I can wipe the inside out - many compliments on it when I shop.

Her Preppiness said...

love that bag

Preppy Little Dress said...

I saw that same bag over the weekend at the Front Porch in Suttons Bay, MI and it was $30.00 - I think, I don't think it was over $34.00, but I could be wrong. Almost bought it myself but I have so many totes, it's adorable though!!!

preppyplayer said...

PVE- two's company is a manufacturer I love!
Her preppiness- I KNOw!! Let me know if you still want as I have...
Preppylittle- I am more than certain that the bag you speak of is without the zipper- and $30 would be the correct price. The four boys bag is NEVER under $40, unless it is a discontinued design. Of course there are exceptions... but the wholesale price does not leave much room for reduction :)

The Preppy Princess said...

These are just so fabulous Miss Preppy, you are spot-on with your analogy to them being the next 'Vera bag' in terms of popularity.

Smiles at you,