Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Concerts

Is there anything sweeter and more enjoyable than a  6th grade choral spring concert?

Normally, that would be a sarcastic statement coming from me.

Seriously, I have sat through some real doozies.  The year that we didn't really have a"music program" or the years when the old choir director really wasn't "there."

For the last five years we have had an amazing music program. The children are taught to read music, harmonize, and perform.

So- it was with total enjoyment that I was able to listen to the sweet sopranos, the clear altos and almost baritones ( two boys, it is 6th grade!)


Joyce said...

Music to my ears... I enjoy children concerts! Even the doozies can be fun, there usually is one silly goose in the group to make me laugh. Enjoy your golden day my friend! xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

I agree with Joyce, I enjoy children's concerts and to see how they enjoy singing or playing a musical instrument. I like to wonder who is a budding new star or performer!! Since I also enjoy people-watching, the proud parents are a show by themselves as well. Enjoy these precious times, Preppy!

Ronda said...

I too am partial to spring concerts. My daughter use to sing and has a beautiful voice. I would love to go to her concerts. Now I enjoy the kids at the Jr. High where I work.

OHN said...

My boys always got so mad at me when they were in any class production, because I ALWAYS cried. There is something so simply sweet about kids performing for their parents.