Sunday, May 24, 2009

And so it has begun...

Our transition from college dorm life to back in the family fold. 
The reason I say, our, is that this transition period is toughest on those of us that live here, year round.
Here are the reasons:

1. When people come stumbling in at 2 or 3 in the morning, speaking loudly as if it is the middle of the day...I wake up and have found it hard to get back to sleep.  My husband suggested ear plugs. I suggest changing locks.

2. The never ending meal. We make breakfast, then clean up. Certain people then get up,make breakfast, barely we are now making lunch. We then clean up and an hour later, people are making lunch and so on. ( see past post on the myth of Sisyphus.)

3. Laundry- Do I have to paint THAT picture?

4. Wet towels on carpet. Some ( certain people) may say I am irrational about it, but I do not want mildew or mold in my house! Do NOT leave your wet towels on my floors for days on end!!!!! ( end of rant)

5. Back to food, I think I have all the accoutrement  for a glorious weekend lunch, go to make it and come to find out... that... it was used for A DELICIOUS MIDNIGHT (2 am) SNACK!!!!

6. Here is the final coup de grace- Last night, I came home from driving Becky to a sweet sixteen, My husband and Kevin were at the movies, people  were out... 
I have the entire, quiet house to myself.  
I picture an evening with my computer, wine, and slippers, ahhhh.
So, I get in my jammies, go into the kitchen to pour a glass of my favorite Merlot and?
SOMEONE, certain people had left a quarter inch of wine in the bottle! 
 Why bother? Who does that? 
Certain people.


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I am laughing hysterically. I so could add to this list. Actually my daughter has been home for the week but is going back tomorrow. She's been great. It's the one who graduated yesterday. He's been having a GREAT time. Sleeping late, coming in at 2, having friends over to play music. Gotta love him. His poor brother is still in school and having to study around all the chaos.
I have said he has a choice this summer...a job, a college class or a morning of volunteering each week. You'd think I was making him do hard labor. It's his LAST summer of freedom. Gotta love him.
Good luck this summer. You should get a fridge for your bedroom and keep anything in it you don't want to share.

Frau said...

Heeheeheeeheheh! Sorry too funny those certain people are in big trouble!The wrath of Mom is building!!

College Prepster said...

HAHA! My mom feels the same way about me being home!!! (I don't stay out until 2 am though, don't worry!)

Ronda said...

Hee Hee, I live with certain people too!! Have a nice rest of the weekend.

OHN said...

AMEN SISTER! This very topic was going to be my next rant :)

pve design said...

Oh, my 16 year old sons just came in from tramping about in the garden and jumping on the trampoline and playing "socker" and one was kind enough to sweep....the other left a tip in my "tipping jar!"

Sounds like you need a "tip jar!"

Susan said... will be a LONG summer! The empty bottle of wine would have done me in!

Paula Fowler said...

You could do stand up! This post was a riot! I wouldn't be laughing if I lived in your house, but the way you wrote this up is hysterical!

preppyplayer said...

Pearl- I was wondering where you've been! Now I know, busy with graduation!

Frau- Hopefuly as everyone starts their jobs they will settle in.

College prep- I wish they wouldn't stay out that late and I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Ronda- Enjoy the Maryland respite!

Ohn- I'm sure you can relate. Do your boys eat all the cold cuts too?

PVE- tip jar works for me!

Susan- I agree and I think it was the Wine (lack of) that pushed me over the edge!

Paula- I'm sure I will laugh about it...some day :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Very well put, Preppy. I remember those days well. It is impossible to keep order with adult "children". When ours were still "home", the dogs would bark hysterically each time someone came in (after midnight). That was a lot of fun. Not. There were years of this because there were 5 children, like you.

I agree with Susan... the wine would have been the last straw. Hope everybody has a job this summer!!

Mom on the Run said...

I'm sitting in the middle of a room piled high with crap that has no home RIGHT NOW and laughing with you. Mine were all here last summer and they drove me nuts. This year the girls are gone but we still get to keep all their stuff?

Kate said...

Too funny-this is probably how my mom feels when I come home ;)

Mossback Meadow said...

LOL! Outstanding post. I also am a mother of five, so I *get* this. : )