Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Au Naturel

I am really getting tired of the flat iron look. Even girls with straight hair flat iron to smooth it out.
I think it is refreshing, appealing, and modern to see some texture. I illustrated this with two pics of Becky.

Although I think she looks pretty and cute in the first, flat ironed pic...
I think she looks better with her hair Au Naturel.
She disagrees.
Of course, when her braces come off-  her smile may show teeth again :)


Paula Fowler said...

Becky is a TRUE BEAUTY! Prep, I agree, enough already with the flat stuff. Remember when we paid to get the wave?
P.S. Love the Tretorns on your header--been wearing them since the 70's!

Ina in Alaska said...

Gorgeous girl and NOT a sabateur!

Reenie said...

As someone with flat hair naturally I hate when girls like Becky who have beautiful wavy hair with lots of body flat iron it, it's so unfair that they can, it's so easy for them.

It takes a bottle of gel, a set of hot rollers, two curling irons and half a bottle of Aquanet for me to get a wave.

Frau said...

I know what you mean Katelyn has started wearing hers weavy again but smooths her bangs abit. Becky is a beauty either way.

Ronda said...

I think she is BEAUTIFUL in both pictures!!!!

OHN said...

I wish I still had all the money I have spent over the years making my scary straight, thin, wispy hair look like it had at least some wave.

Hindsight ;)

Tell her to think of all the time she could be spending doing something fun rather than straightening--you know, like emptying the dishwasher or doing laundry :)

Susan said...

She has really grown up to be beautful... but I still think of Becky as that constant smile! She's a natural and looks great either way...she's lucky she can pull off both looks... although, I prefer the "no make" up because she doesn't need a stitch!!!

College Prepster said...

Oh goodness! I'm just the same way!

I have really curly hair and I straighten it all the time (since 8th grade...) but lately I've been letting it go curly :)

My best friends told me I looked better with curls HAHA

Europafox said...

She is sooooo pretty! Lucky girl! I wish my 'au naturelle' hair looked like that - maybe I should send a pic over of my hair rough dried - think wild helmet - and she would change her opinion of her own natural locks instantly. Either way, she looks fab! If only Caspar was older and we could match make! sigh!

The Preppy Princess said...

Good gravy Miss Preppy, either way she is an absolute beauty. Simply stunning in that understated and elegant way most would kill for!

We think the hair is pretty both ways, so we are no help in that regard.

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't in the doghouse, I felt *terrible* about it!


preppyplayer said...

Paula- Thank you and I LOVE tretorns too!

Ina- thank you, she really isn't like her little bro.

Reenie- Please tell her!

Frau- thank you auntie.
Ronda- sweet as always :)

Ohn- too funny and...true!

Susan- you are so nice :)

College prep-I have super curly hair, so I get it. But if I had a little wave...I would let it be. Easy said, right?

Europa- glad you're back and yes, Caspar and my becky! If only the ages were reversed :)

PP- you are so sweet and I so understand. Thanks for the kind words :)