Monday, May 11, 2009

Random thoughts...

Random thoughts:

When an adorable  little child in an A&P cart smiles and says Hi, how can you ignore them?
People were!

My new, ultimate volunteer job? ( I hope)
Holding babies in the neonatal unit at our local hospital.

1,550 calories a day... is NOT a lot!

The shoe store lady said that as one becomes OLDER the arch of the foot falls and that's why flip flops no longer seem comfortable...

I find it very funny that we worry about workers at the post office going "postal" when I feel we should worry about the post office customers going "postal" while waiting, waiting, waiting.... and WAITING on line.

Sunny days are the best.

Good tennis does improve the mood, my mood.

When you find a piece of cardboard ( or your husband does) in your salad at a restaurant on Mother's day and you point it out to your server... don't you expect something like...
an apology?

After our tennis debacle the other day, my partner and I decided that instead of slapping high fives on every stinking, winning shot like our opponents did, we should have slapped our butts.

I am obviously avoiding billing customers and sales calls today. Thank you for your patience.


Pink Martini said...

Loved your thoughts - have a good day..and get to work! ;) I have to too. :)

OHN said...

Oh mind scatters like this all day long and it makes me sooo tired ;)

Mom on the Run said...

I'm into major work avoidance today as well. I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from Hawaii. But....the Giro Italia is on, so maybe I can kill a couple hours in front of the tv watching boys in tight shorts and the beautiful Italian countryside.

How was that for random? I'm with you all the way on that front!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Really? I have super flat feet- like no arch at all. And I think flops are super comf!

Ew- they didn't offer you a new salad? Up here a man found a snake head in his food at TGI Firdays last week. And can you believe that man is not mad and said during a news interview that he will still frequent TGI?! That experience, of which I was not a part, was enough to ensure I will never visit a TGI!!

Frau said...

Great thoughts....I'm avoiding my German homework it's just too hard or I'm too dumb or both!

Ronda said...

Hi Patty, you make me smile!
My arch is sagging too, and flip flops don't feel like they use to. How can somebody NOT smile at a child?
Don't work to hard today, and enjoy the rest of it!

Ina in Alaska said...

Re the child in the A&P Cart.... maybe people are afraid to be seen as too intrusive.... some mothers are really not happy when you engage their child.

Made me think of an incident I encountered at the airport in Vegas a few years ago.

A lady was walking an ADORABLE small dog in the terminal. The couple walking in front of me noticed the dog and asked the lady if they could pet her dog, whereupon she shouted, in the terminal, at the top of her lungs..... DON'T LOOK AT OR TOUCH MY DOG!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Crazy, huh???

Ina in Alaska said...

PS Dear Preppy Pink Croc:

OMG!!! I will never get this image out of my head whenever I pass a TGI Fridays.......

Somer Love said...

Cardboard in your salad... #235 why not to eat salads :)

Sunny days are the best!

Wore a sweater yesterday with two tennis raquets on them and thought of you.

Kate said...

That is my ultimate volunteer job too! I almost did it in high school but I ran out of time by the time I was old enough. Maybe this summer!

Joyce said...

Wonderful thoughts. As I was reading them I was saying to myself "yeah, how come... she is right", so you got me thinking! Dang and this is before I had my first cup of coffee. Smile.... xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Pink- still not done~

OHN- I hear you!

PPC- I heard about the snake head- ewwwww!

Frau- you are not dumb!

Ronda- thanks!

Ina- good point, but couldn't they just say hi back and keep moving?

Somer- you are so sweet!

Kate- I can see you doing that and can't wait to hear what else you will be up to:)

Joyce- thanks !