Monday, April 18, 2011


 As my thought and prayers go to the people of the Carolinas and Virginia after  a devastating storm system did incredible damage, massive destruction, taking lives,
It made me think of my experience last May at the Garden State horse Show. I do the show every year and enjoy it immensely.
 I love the environment, being around the horse and dogs for 5 days is a thrill.
 The weather is often iffy as it can be in May. Rain comes and goes.
However, they always put us in a huge circus type tent. In fact the tents are so big that the horse are stalled in them. it's true. There are a few hundred horses in real stalls in up to 5 tents. There is plenty of room for the vendors and we are safe from the elements.

Last May the weather was beautiful. On the 4th day of the show, Saturday, the weatherman said it would be windy. Didn't bother me -I am in the tent. Around 3 o'clock the winds really began to pick up.
Still wasn't worried...

Until I could hear yelling and screaming and looked outside towards the tents where the horses were stalled and saw them collapsing! Everyone was running around crazy trying to evacuate the horses. Cars and trucks were everywhere, it was total mayhem...

When all of a sudden I heard our tent ripping! The tent was swaying back and forth. We got out as fast as possible. Out into the windy mayhem. People were running back and forth helping the vendors get their merchandise out of the tents.
So there I was in the middle of a field with all my stuff around me. Dirt and branches were whipping through the air, I had to get out of there,
But, I had a problem. I had driven my car not the big suburban I used to transport merch. Luckily, my husband came to the rescue and drove the hour to come help me.

The show was canceled the next day. Found out we had encountered 50 mile an hour winds that afternoon. Wouldn't want to do that again.
And what I experienced?
Was an nth of a degree to what the people down South encountered this weekend.
God bless them.


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Wow. Thank God no one was hurt - how scary! Yep, I've seen firsthand the destruction of tornadoes - it's unbelievable.