Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boys! Too funny.

Here is latest interchange after the first 7th/8th gradebaseball try-out, captured from my son Kevin's Facebook.

Basically, it is my son discussing his pitching and then the funny part, a 9th grader trash talking, putting down the new team. Saying how bad it will be compared to last year's team.
What is so funny is the 8th grade boys and their insults, telling the 9th grader that last year's team was terrible and that he was the only good player!
What? Sounds like they are complimenting him !

Baseball tryouts.... I don't think I'm getting the pitching job after today's performance
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    • Nick-Wat happened kev
      17 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- Lets just say I was a little wild
      17 hours ago · 
    • Nick- I thought ur accuracy improved
      17 hours ago · 
    • James- oh god
      17 hours ago · 
    • Kevin-Actually it kinda did... I blame it on the catcher
      17 hours ago · 
    • Nick- who was the catcher
      17 hours ago · 
    • Jared(the catcher)- hahahahaha
      17 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- Idk
      17 hours ago · 
    • Kevin-I had a couple strikes .... If I get more accurate I'll b good
      16 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- Wich might not happen
      16 hours ago · 
    • Vincent- you guys are going to suck alot
      16 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- Dude no... Except for u and wiz Ur grade stunk at baseball
      16 hours ago · 
    • Vincent-Really our freshman baseball team is 2-0 and we look very good. You guys have no pitching at all.
      15 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- Yaa we do.... And thanks usr for that record
      15 hours ago · 
    • Vincent- who can pitch
      15 hours ago · 
    • Jake- R team is gonna b so much better than last year
      14 hours ago · 
    • Kevin- homan, granger, rosato, molzan, this rlly good 7th grader, and kelley if we need him....
      13 hours ago · 
    • Jake- Vinny you were the only good 8th grade pitcher last year.
      3 hours ago · 


Formerly known as Frau said...

So entertaining .....!

Ronda said...

Too funny, boys will be boys. At least he is your "friend" on FB!