Friday, April 8, 2011


I don't mean this type.
 A little risque for this blog. But, hey! It's Friday!
No, I meant this type. Below-

The Italian Horn is said to keep away the Devil/evil. Many Italians wear this.

 The evil eye bracelet is worn by the Greeks, the Turks, the Armenians, and other mid-eastern peoples. It is said to protect from the evil eye. The evil eye is when others wish you harm due to envy or evil. The bracelet sends it right back at them. Blue is the traditional color, but it comes in many other colors as well.

Being Catholic, we have all sorts of symbols of protection. First and foremost, the cross. There are many Saints that we look to for direction and protection.
But, for traveling we look to St. Christopher. I remember growing up having a little statue in our car!
Anyway, I sell St Christopher medals on cord and they are one of my most popular items, even for non-Catholics.
Here are the choices for Spring/Summer 2011,

I just love them. They will be on website( if we ever get it up!!!) and I sell them when I am on the road.
Can't have too much protection!


Ina in Alaska said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the horns! All the Guidos at the Jersey Shore proudly display theirs... very hot!

I have a St. Christopher medallion in my car. Protected me for sure during my epic drive from Anchorage AK to the Jersey Shore in 2006! xo

Ronda said...

I LOVE those St. Christopher medals. I have 4 all solid enamel, small and medium, in white, turquoise, bronze, and sea green. I've never seen yours with the trim around them, and I love them! I just have to come see your merchandise some time! When are you getting a website with stuff I can order from? :)

JMW said...

Love teh pink and green St. Christopher medals! I'm Catholic too, and given that is my husband's name, we have a couple around the house. Along with other medal's for our children. I have the "evil eye" pendant at my desk - a gift from a coworker who went to Greece. Definitely need that one at times!