Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vote for this kid! Adam Satz of Seton Hall University

 My friend and occasional roommate Susan ( God bless her!) works at Seton Hall University and she wants us to know that there is a contest sponsored by the UPS store rewarding a lucky team manger's school with 10K for its general scholarship fund in their name.
Why does she want us to know that?
Because there is a very deserving student/ basketball manager at Seton hall that has a good chance to win, but he needs our help!
Adam is trailing by 200 votes to the manager from Duke and your vote could put him in the lead.

If you need a good reason to do this, besides Jersey pride, please click on the link below and hear his story. Then  hit "like", post on your wall if possible and ask your friends to vote for Adam. Most of all hit "like!"

to hear his story and vote,
 Go to:
and VOTE!!!!
let me know if you did!


Susan said...

for this and MANY reasons...
Thank you...and as of now, Adam is in the lead...but being up against a power house like Duke, it could change in a moment's notice!!!
Thank you so much.....

Ronda said...

Done, got my vote!

JMW said...

I voted for Adam - what a great kid! It's kids like Adam who make great athletic programs.

Susan said...

Thank you for voting for Adam...he is so amazing and so appreciative... he's coming up to my office this week to thank me for endorsing him... he goes out of his way to show his gratitude... such an amaazing man!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

done and done. inspiring young man. truly.

preppyplayer said...

Susan- you are the inspiration!
Ronda- thanks!
JMW- thank you!
Susan- tell him we think he ia winner either way!
Jg. Thank you!