Wednesday, April 27, 2011

See how they grow!

Two adorable, fun loving 8th graders.

And now, 1 more year until high school graduation.

I always forget about the metamorphosis that teens go through- when they are in it. It is only after that I realize such a transformation has occurred. When I am with my  fourteen year old I don't notice that they are all nose, elbows and ankles-nothing in proportion. I don't see the acne, braces, or chubby cheeks. My fourteen year old is perfect to me.

It is only in retrospect that I realize what has happened! The face grew longer, the forehead broader, the chin more pronounced and the cheekbones sharper. Now, the nose looks right and the elbows and knees aren't noticeable. And even though I always thought they were beautiful and perfect...
They really are.

And truthfully, I haven't met a sixteen year old that I didn't think was beautiful. I am not kidding.
All I see is possibilities, potential, and promise. Physically and mentally.
The two girls above are perfect illustrations as they are beautiful inside and out.
 Even when they were awkward fourteen year olds!


kks said...

beautiful young women!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I changed so much from 8th grade to high school graduation! It's amazing to look at pictures of people when they were younger!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow what a change in both! Both beautiful than and now!