Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lafayette Women's lacrosse 2011. Forgot to mention...

This girl, #26, had her last game of her collegiate career this past weekend.
Through injuries, and a coach that had a different agenda, one that did not include the seniors and juniors-
She made it to the end, never quitting.

The final revenge to her coach that has had a HORRIBLE record- she scored 4 goals her last game!
And, she could have done that all season. But, the coach preferred to sacrifice the team rather than play the girls she didn't recruit. Very selfish.
At least my player hasn't been alone. she suffered with the other two seniors and most of the juniors.
And at least she loved the school AND the girls on her team!
Too bad there isn't a good coach right now. But hopefully that will change soon :)


Mom on the Run said...

That stinks. We had a similar thing happen with baseball in HS....eventually, they get theirs. Sometimes it takes awhile, but it will come back to bite her in the butt sooner or later.

Formerly known as Frau said...

It really sucks that coach did that to the Seniors especially their last game. Still a great experience for M and I'm sure she will carry it though her life. Time for the next chapter to begin.

Ryan Hilliard said...

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OHN said...

Coaches. Don't even get me started. Some are there for the right reason....some aren't.

corndog said...

MOTR-you are so right. karma.
Frau- she is a bit of a bully
Ryan! OMG! I just learned a lot! I hope you dont mind, I am putting this on my blog, awesome.
OHN, isnt it true? She wasted talent and hurt so many girls on her team to fulfill her own agenda. her 3-15 record isnt saying much.