Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring break?

When I was in college I lived in Ft. Lauderdale. In the 1970's it was the #1 Spring break destination.
I worked in a bar right on A1A and saw Spring Break front row, 24 hours a day.
It looked a lot like the pic above.
 It was fun, but for 2 months it took twice as long to drive anywhere. The bar I worked at was right off the beach. So, about twice a day we would have some kid from Minnesota or Michigan pass out from heat exposure as they had been in 20 degree below weather 24 hours earlier and had just layed out all day in the 90 degree sun.
College kids don't tip ( the drinking age was still 18 in Fla. back then.) I had to find creative ways to squeeze some bucks out of the kids that sat at my bar for hours. We hung a sign that  said,
"Tipping is NOT a city in China!"
I learned to play Liars poker and would get a big group playing so I could win some $$. I learned tricks like bouncing quarters off my elbows and flipping coasters. I would bet the bar that I could do a certain amount ( less than I really could do) I would lose and then bet again that I could do even more! Of course they all upped their bets... and I would win. 
Before you feel sorry for these guys, remember that they sat ALL DAY at my bar and didn't tip at all!
 I was a college student too.

The most interesting thing is, I am in thousands of Spring break photo albums. Really.
Because at least 50 times a day the bartender( me) would be asked to pose with one group or another.
Also, thousands of sailors would be in town asking every girl in a bikini to pose with them. I felt obligated because they were serving our country... 
Not my friend, she would charge them $10!!!
 I couldn't believe it, but then she explained.
She said, "Patty, each one of those boys is going back to their bunk or home and showing the pictures around and saying that we were their girlfriend or conquest! I want to make sure I get paid for it!"
Not sure I agreed with that. But, it did make me think!

Anyway, my children's Spring break is this week and we are...
And I couldn't be happier. Not that we had a choice. We put on a big addition this year and there wasnt going to be trip for awhile. But, we are all enjoying sleeping in, no rushing around, catching up on movies and shows, basically, spending time together.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny that is a great story! I agree sometimes just not rushing or being anywhere is what these kids lack today. I know Katelyn would love to just sleep.

trifitmom said...

love it. senior year of high school, 12 of my friends and i set off for spring break in ft. lauderdale, we stayed at the button or above the button...across from the elbow room. it was insane.

and one day i was so sunburnt i had to stay in the hotel under sheets......

OHN said...

Ahhhh...sweet memories of my nights at the Elbo Room. We had a condo in Ft. L so I spent my winters there (winter school and/or tutors) and in high school I looked much older. Just sayin :-)

JMW said...

Sounds like our spring break and I was perfectly fine staying home, especially since we just bought a new home. (Although I don't have teenagers yet, complaining that they're the only ones who didn't go to Florida. Yes, that was a line I whined a few times in high school.)