Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer scarves serve a purpose!

Summer scarves seem strange at first,
especially  seen on the hot, steamy streets of NYC.
Sure, they look fashionable and trendy. And yes, they update any outfit.

But still, in the sweltering heat and humidity, how can anyone stand any extra, unnecessary clothing? (even if it does look cool.)

Until you experience an icy, cold blast of air conditioning when you enter any store or building.
 Or if you go into any restaurant or theater in NYC and experience being really uncomfortable in absolutely frigid temps
Then it is understandable. 
You must be prepared.
Extreme temperature changes at this time of the year call for drastic measures...
OK, summer scarves aren't that drastic. But they are so pretty!
And they transition into Fall so well, don't they?
PS- OHN doesn't this scarf look so familiar? I do believe you purchased the "look alike!"


Frau said...

My scarf saved me on the airplane! I agree outside in the heat seems odd but enter a store etc.. comes in handy.Happy Sunday hope its dry. How's Kevin? tired?

Pink Martini said...

Maybe they hold an ice pack? I see these in the windows but absolutely never see anyone wearing one.

Lisa said...

Why don't I ever look like that when I have my scarf on?

KK said...

Hmmm...I still don't think I am sold on a summer scarf. I've actually only seen them worn by celebs- no one in my area seems to wear them. Then again where I live a scarf is an actual NEED for at least six months of the year- usually more. So we like to free ourselves during the welcome warm summer months.

Summer Wind said...

I don't wear one because I'm not really sure I can pull it off, but I guess it does make sense.. I am a firm believer in wearing scarves in winter though!

Ina in Alaska said...

Spoke to my sister today (she lives in NJ) she said it was sweltering and thunderstorms!!!

Beth Dunn said...

Where did you get bee pollen? I need that! xo

preppyplayer said...

frau- kevin is tired and regrets he didn't see you more :)
Pink- I only see folks in NYC wearing them... all over the place!

Lisa-I know I don't!

KK- I think they complete an outfit, even a plain tee looks better, but the temps have to drop a lot more before I put another item on my body! I do carry a scarf or sweater for intense air conditioned areas though.

Summer- I am certain you could pull it off, check out the ones at J. Crew.

Ina- it is either sweltering or torrential downpours!

Beth, I get it from a local distributor, I know it is also sold online.

Sheryl said...

I love the scarf. Maybe if I start wearing them I can hid my double chin better :)

OHN said...

Just logged on..SOOOOO TIRED! :)

YES...I will post a photo when I wake up.