Thursday, August 20, 2009

New York Gift Show

Chandler 4 was the highlight of the new York Gift Show.
 Amazing quality and designs.
Love the prices too!

Although I usually sell  preppy style jewelry and  accessories, recently I have decided to look for items for the home as well.
Think- pillows, lamps, rugs, throws, candles, prints, and other decorative items.
Of course in the preppy style I love. 
Think- toile, gingham, needlepoint, and other classics.

So, I was thrilled when I came upon Chandler 4 Corners, a company out of Manchester, Vt.
( One of my favorite places) 
Think- Stratton, Bromley, Manchester bar & Grill, and more!

Anyway, This company produces gorgeous hooked pillows, rugs, runners, and Christmas stockings. I fell in love!
 Now I have all sorts of plans on how I will sell for cabin, cottage, and beach house- all inspired by this line.

I collect snowmen and this pillow must be a part of my collection!
Can't you just see this at YOUR beach house?
ANYTHING with stars works for me.
My sister Mary need this.
The Frau would love this.
Beth needs this at her cabin.
And Karen should have this.
Chandler 4 has an awesome web site too.
Click here 


Frau said...

Love them really cool pillows hard to choose just one!

Summer Wind said...

the skiing pillows are SO great!!

kw said...

Love the Ski Utah one! :)

Somer Love said...

Really???? No Pug pillows? HMMMM you might want to talk to them ;)

kks said...

love the dog pillows...of course!!!

OHN said...

Very cool.

I collect snowmen too, ever since S1 made me one out of felt in kindergarten.

All winter long I have them under one of my kitchen windows and they all bring back memories.

Ronda said...

Hi Patty!
I hope you had a wonderful time at the shore. Sounds like you had a different vacation this year, but I bet it was still nice.
I love this line, Chandler 4 Corners. I really like the pillows. I ones I liked were Life Ring, Blue Anchor, Sloop, and the star. I like how they have all of the holidays too. The rugs are beautiful too.
Have a fun weekend!

Caffeine Court said...

They are so adorable! Of course I would love to get a personalized one for each of my dogs, but then the puppy might end of pee peeing on them!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Love cushions like this - love esp. the beach scene!