Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Equestrian chic!

The next events I am selling at will be horse shows. With that in mind I shopped the NY Accessory Show looking for items that would appeal to that demographic.
This is what I found!

The stainless steel and leather watches are bangles and sell for $60.
This tote will retail at $80.
And this one will be at $70.

Enamel bangles! $40.


Frau said...

Really cool finds!

Summer Wind said...

i love the bags!

kks said...

cool things!
how did you get that picture of my pool in your header?! ha! :)
nice, very nice!

Joyce said...

I think you will be having no problem at all, making sales! Very nice!! xoxo

Susan said...

LOVE the watches and bangles! Very nice looking!