Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bringing my girl back to school!

Well, it's been a great summer and this kid  brought a lot of fun to it. We are going to miss her!
Although thanks to Fall lacrosse we will see her many weekends.
Here is a Summer of 2009 tribute to our girl.
We love her TOO much!


Frau said...

Good Luck Kayla!

Pink Martini said...

Great pics! I wish her a lot of luck this fall and in lacrosse. Love that game!

Joyce said...

A beautiful send off mom! As much as you enjoyed having her around this summer I bet she double enjoyed it! Sending you many hugs.... xoxo
PS Of course my friend I'll adopt you- smile.... xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

You have a movie star family too (I just told Kim -- Chit Chat Room) the same thing in my comment to her today!!

Your pictures make me so homesick for the Jersey Shore (which is where I will be on SEPT 5--Cannot wait... did you get my e mail?)....

Good luck in school to Kayla and all the Preppy family members!! xoxo

Mrs. K said...

dude is that you in the 4th pic? you look like twins for bleep's sake!

OHN said...

Fall lacrosse? I am jealous. We are still way behind the curve here...we only have it in spring.

Mine start tomorrow and Monday...where did summer go?

preppyplayer said...

Thanks auntie!
Pink- Thank you :)

Joyce- You are too sweet, I've told you that before!

Ina- I did get your email- we've got to meet!

Mrs.- She and I are walking with our backs to the camera... I am not that teeny girl in the bikini- the pollen isn't THAT good!

OHN- most colleges do tourneys in the fall and train as though it is the Spring!!!!

Kate said...

Aww what a sweet post!

PS-I have that J.Crew seersucker bikini too :)