Monday, August 24, 2009


Because I get many inquiries on how to wash a Longchamp bag I decided to do some research.
According to the Longchamp website,
"Le Pliage" ( synthetic, trimmed with cowhide leather)
To remove any stains, simply brush softly with neutral soap and water.  Avoid moistening leather when cleaning.  Use a Longchamp cream on leather trimmings if necessary.


Reenie said...

Hm, when I get home I may have to try cleaning my longchamp and then actually using it.

I made the mistake of getting a light pink, which was gorgeous in the store and after I used it for a month it was too stained and dirty. I've always wanted to bring it back out.

OHN said...

So I guess the washer and dryer was a bad idea?


Ina in Alaska said...

Sad it the "End of Season".......