Monday, November 1, 2010

You will want these! TEXT gloves

Because if you put them in the Christmas stockings the kids will think Santa is cool!
Because you need them if you have an iphone.
Because they are the perfect (babysitter/hair stylist/nail person/ secret santa) gift EVER!
Because the $15 price point is just right.
Because it isn't easy to find stuff that is fun, pretty, and functional.
Like I said, you will want these.
 I take it back. What I really mean is....
You need these!
I will have select styles available next week on my new web site (finally!)


Suzy said...

OK, WHY do you need them if you have an iphone? I don't have an iphone but I'm curious.

preppyplayer said...

Very obvious that you live in California :)
OK, so it’s freezing/snowing or icy rain and you are at game or waiting for a bus/taxi/ whatever and you need to make a phone call or text?
The iphone only responds to the warmth of your fingertips. So instead of taking off your gloves and FREEZING you just expose your fingers!
Gloves are not just a fashion statement for the rest of the country, they are actually needed to brave the elements.
I love when the regional differences come up, reminds me how geography and climate can determine how we live. I’m sure you can tell me a thing or two about prepping for an earthquake.

Joyce said...

I love these gloves I have a couple!! xo