Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unique, cool pinnies- jimmies pinnies!

I know I have mentioned jimmies pinnies before. thought I would have them this Summer...
But they are hard to get.
Apparently, jimmie makes them when he wants to and only in limited amounts.

The reason why we all want them?
 They are priced well, come in hot colors and always have some type sarcastic, tongue in cheek design, and they are hard to get- so you don't see everyone else wearing them.
I haven't met jimmie. I hear he is an old laxer/surfer that is very particular as to who is allowed to sell his brand...
And guess what?
He is finally letting me sell them!
Two guy designs and two girl designs. Haven't even seen them. Don't care.
Look here first week in December.


Ronda said...

I don't think I have ever seen a jimmie, but I can't wait! You know everyone wants what they can't get!

kungfudonut said...

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