Friday, November 12, 2010

VOTE for the "old bag!"

Here is an email I received from a ski school buddy,
Hey y'all...
The Doritos commercial....

So for the past few years Doritos has had this contest called Crash the Super Bowl. Basically you have to create a Doritos spot and if yours is chosen, you get it aired during the Super Bowl. Well my parents shot a spot and I've got to tell you...... it's friggin HYSTERICAL!!!! They really have a shot at this so I'm asking all of you, if you would, to take 2 minutes and visit the site and leave a nice comment.
Another cool thing about the spot.... they got all of Art Carney's (yes THAT Art Carney) family to be a part of it!
 My father just wrote, produced and edited a 30 second spot for this year's Doritos "Crash The Superbowl" Contest.

He's honored to have TV Legend Art Carney's family, wife Jean and sons Brian and Paul featured in the spot entitled-

"The Old Bag"

My mother co-produced the commercial, Martin Cole was the DP, and Topher Reifeiss (Art's grandson) jumped onboard with much appreciated creative input
and production support.

Please go to the contest site and post a comment... POSITIVE of course!  You'll have to register to post a comment.. thanks for that.

Here's the link:

The spot is also up on youtube.  If you would also be so kind as to hit that site a few hundred times, we'd like the video to go viral!

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Susan said...

I love it. Very funny.
How's the kitchen coming along?