Monday, November 29, 2010

So, you want a successful fundraiser?

Dear Mrs. Fundraiser,
 Often I will hear (especially if it is a poorly attended event) organizers say that they advertised all over and can't understand why no one came... 

My experience is that you can't count on the outside world to support the event but you should be able to count on the school/church/temple/club/sport that benefits from the event to! 

I do so many of these and find the most profitable (for all) are when the organization that benefits from the fundraiser supports the event.
Suggestions to insure that:

   1.  If a church or temple, appeal to congregation at each service to support upcoming event. If it is a school, send home flyer. If it is a sports organization? Have in person sign-ups AT event.
   2.  Put in organization's newsletter.
   3.  have a school choir/band perform-parents will come to watch AND shop!
   4.  have contest for kids at school or for members of group- must be present to win.
   5.  ask room mothers to suggest a “ladies night” out to their classes starting with shopping at the boutique! If a religious group ask different committees to plan ladie's night out.
   6.  email chain for members and supporters of organization.
   7.  get as many volunteers as possible, even if you have to make-up jobs-just to get them in the door.
   8.  have student counsel kids volunteer or any student group- their parents will come in and shop when they drop off or pick up.
   9.  invite any other fundraisers involved with church or school to be present-people will then feel obligated.
   10. Most of all? Have a HUGE sign/banner in front advertising the event. 

These are but a few suggestions to insure a successful event for all.


Pigtown-Design said...

excellent suggestion! i think that people just think that people are going to show up for events. they don't realize that they have to WORK to get them there!

Formerly known as Frau said...

All great suggestions!