Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glass full.

It's all good.
Can't complain, don't want to.
Everyone is healthy.
Business is good.
New. Kitchen.  Need I say more?
All my relationships are good, would love to see more of friends and family at this time of year- but gotta pay for that new kitchen! So Marc and I are working our butts off.
Kids are happy.
Although, does anyone need a 24 year-old, handsome, smart employee? ( my son needs a job!)
The weather has been awesome. Trust me, when you work outdoor events AND play an outdoor winter sport and the weather has been AMAZING!
Also, I just connected with a long lost relative that we all have wondered about and that is so cool.
So, I would half to say my glass is certainly,


kks said...

wonderful! this time of year always brings about added stress...wonderful positive attitude!
does the handsome 24 yr old do personal training? i'll hire him!! :)

Susan said...

Thatta girl! Love the positive I hope some of it rubs off on me.