Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have always been enthralled with the image of the Afghan girl photographed by National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry. She was about seventeen at the time and her eyes were hauntingly beautiful. 
In 2002 he returned to Afghanistan to find her... and he did!
She is only 32 or 33 years-old in the 2nd image and due to a very hard and typical life lived in the country, she looks much older.
Random, but interesting, no?


Susan said...

Unbelieveable! I love that photo and I too have been captivated by them. I'm a big NG fan.
Onb a side note...I thought you were going to post 100 random things about yourself, starting with the first 10. C'mon. I want to see how alike we are.
I explained my called off engagement on my blog.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Completely fascinating!

Suburban Princess said...

Did you see the interview? It was amazing!

I remember a friend's dad had hundreds of NGs on the bookshelf in their house - including that one!

trifitmom said...

very interesting

Ina in Alaska said...

Her eyes are still gorgeous though. I also wish to read more and ironically also bought the Vanity Fair mag. Have loved that magazine for years! PS need to coordinate dates with you... maybe we can hook up in NYC...Elizabeth and I will be in the city for a 9/8 Yankees game but are free on the 9th.... we will be staying at the Waldorf and can figure something out even if that date does not work cuz we will be in NJ too.. xoxoxo

Ronda said...

I've always loved that photo, just beautiful. She really has aged. Hope your enjoying your summer and are staying cool. Love your profile pic, very pretty!

OHN said...

I just read an article about him...apparently he was given the very last roll of Kodachrome film because of all of his photographic brilliance.

The Preppy Princess said...

This is such a great comparison, her eyes are still riveting.

Hope you are enjoying some time away!

AlwaysMe said...

I loved this show. I didn't think he would be able to find her but he did! Such a life she's had.