Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Highbrow/lowbrow, semi brow?

My goals. Reading more being one.
I thought I would start off slow.
Here are the choices:


The first choice does look interesting...
The last choice? I don't even think I could buy it. (unless I am at an airport and no one knows me!)
It looks like door #2, Vanity Fair wins!
I think Vanity Fair is a mix of all- politics, fashion, opinion, finance with a dash of scandal.
4pm today? Find me outside with an ice tea reading semi brow.

1 comment:

Caffeine Court said...

I just read that issue of VF and it is AWESOME! I looove the fashion.

Hope you are well, judging from your blog you seem to be having quite a busy summer! (So what else is new?)