Saturday, August 7, 2010

Funny finds are treasured.

Because we are in the midst of a major kitchen construction our house is topsy-turvy right now- very unorganized.
So, I have been going through all the (gazillion) junk drawers from our old kitchen.
I found these two birthday letters written to me years ago from my two youngest children and I think they are so funny:
And she is right, our suburban's radio/CD player stops if I go over a bump! And do all children believe THEY are truly the family favorite? ( I hope so!)
Her brother's letter had a similar theme:
He obviously has incredible self esteem AND issues with my teeth!
I love reading these letters and that is probably why it has taken all day to empty one drawer.
The letters make me feel loved and remind me how funny my kids are, although I honestly don't think Kevin was trying to be funny. He really does believe he is the best and the favorite!
Trust me, if the house ever goes on fire and I know my family is safe? I am grabbing these letters, all the baby pictures, and their ceramic hand prints because they are my most precious possessions.


SisBeth said...

Love this blog today. I like your header too. I went in a box looking for pictures and I sat for hours going through stuff. So much fun.

Susan said...

I love it. I especially like where your son says, "It's hard to raise 5 (except me)." Nice one.
And I love that your daughter writes "Your Fav".

kw said...

Those are so sweet and cute(:

Ina in Alaska said...

those letters are so sweet!!

kks said...

Those are absolutely prescious!!! Thanks for sharing!