Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hunting and gathering...

I am inspired.
When I was at Rice's market yesterday I picked up a ton of fresh produce. Those Lancaster farmers have great prices and delicious fresh vegetables and fruit.
Now... I have to use it all before it goes bad.
The big bunch of green and red peppers will be sauted with the vidalia's and added to some italian sausage and the tomatoes will join some basil and fresh mozz. As for the plums, I think there isn't one left! The green beans will be washed and eaten raw with ranch dressing.

All produce markets are abundant right now and it is so good to eat fruits and vegetables in their season. In fact I think I am going to go out today and buy some berries- breakfast tomorrow?


Her Preppiness said...

I love Rice's

Susan said...

I love Farmer's Markets, but like you said....I have to use it before it goes bad. I just threw away an entire unopened pkg. of aspargus and a bag of broccoli tonight. AGHHHHH! I hate that.

Paula said...

Isn't this time of year great? Eating fresh food is just so satisfying.